I had these ideas for some time now, but I just didn’t find an opportunity to write about them until now. Thanks to the Problogger Group Writing Project I got the impulse that I needed to get this article started. Please keep in mind that I’m not a programmer so I really have no clue if any of these ideas are possible. If they’re not doable, I’d appreciate a comment so I can stop dreaming about them :).

  1. Digg Protector plugin. Probably the least likely to be doable, the Digg Protector would check for the number of diggs or page views on the articles and when they reach a certain number (for diggs) or a number of page views in a short period of time, it would automatically trigger the Digg configuration for the website. That would include: automatically activating the WP-Cache plugin, deactivating the plugins that are not essential (like latest posts or comments), switching the theme to a minimalist one. All these would need to be chosen by the user from some kind of administration menu (which plugins to active, which to deactivate, which theme to switch to. Quite often it happens that the Digg effect takes us by surprise or we might be sleeping when it reaches the front page. Having the plugin automatically doing all the work when the article hits 50 diggs for example would make things easier. However, I don’t know if plugins can deactivate other plugins or switch the blog to a new theme. I imagine it would be a huge security risk. So … I guess this one is a “hell no, can’t be done?”
  2. Upload photos to Flickr or Photobucket accounts from the editor area in WordPress, then insert the code in the editor. It would be very valuable to people that need to keep an eye on their bandwidth if they could just upload photos from the editor area in WordPress to their account from Photobucket or Flickr. I for one have a humor blog thats mostly about funny images. I’m perfectly aware that if my website gets digged its going down if its a post with 20-30 pics all served from my shared hosting account. Right now I have to upload to Photobucket, then copy/paste 20 links to the blog to insert them there.
  3. Top 10 posts – a plugin that would allow showing in the sidebar or on a separate page, a series of top 10 lists. It could be the Top 10 articles based on the number of views, Top 10 longest articles, Top 10 Most Commented, Top 10 posts from a certain category (like Top 10 posts from the Blogging Tips category), Top 10 most digged articles on that blog, etc. As I see it, it would give the user the possibility to choose whatever Top 10 lists he wants to show on a special page. I for one would go to the Top 10 lists of the blog when I discover a new writer, to see his best work.
  4. Automated theme translation, depending on the visitor’s country of origin – again, no idea if its possible :). My thinking here is that many countries don’t have WordPress themes translated in their language. I’m not talking about translating the blog, just the main titles from the sidebar (Categories, Archive, Calendar, Register). Again, this seems like a bit of a stretch for me but hey, maybe its possible? πŸ˜›
  5. Showing the PR for all the pages in the blog. I know there is a tool that shows you the PR of all the pages from a domain, ordered from highest to lowest PR. I was thinking maybe it would be possible to view this from the WP admin area? Knowing at all times what pages have good PR on my blog would be a thing that would interest me. As a bonus, it would be nice to also see how many backlinks each article has.

I’ve just read what I wrote and it looks pretty stupid now :D. But then again, I’m no programmer. Any PHP expert around to tell me if at least one of these plugins can be done?