Changes At TechLemming

As you can see, TechLemming has a new look, and it’s also getting an extra kind of content. So far it was just gadgets, mobile and technology, but I want more for it. Here are the new categories that I’ll write about:

  • Gadgets (same as before, all kinds of cool gadgets)
  • Gaming (consoles and video games)
  • Hardware (computer hardware)
  • Software (any new and interesting software)
  • Internet News (Google, Yahoo, Facebook and everything else)
  • Mobile (mobile phones, laptops and everything in between)
  • Technology (technological advances)
  • Interesting (things that make you think, articles and people)
  • Lemming Fun (because some fun never hurt anyone)
  • Reviews (title says it all)
  • Others (whatever doesn’t fit in the other categories)
  • TechLemming (anything related to this blog, like this post)

As you can see, mostly content that appeal to other geeks such as me. Hope you’ll find it useful.