Leica M9 Review

Leica M9

Not too long ago, I upgraded to a cutting edge camera and wanted to take a few minutes today to write a Leica M9 review to share with you exactly what my impressions on this camera are. First, I should tell you that I am professional photographer, and as a freelancer I am required to purchase my own equipment for the job. The quality of my work essentially equates to my paycheck, so I really was looking for a top of the line camera to use for my projects and assignments.

Leica M9

What This Camera Offers

With a price tag of just under $7,000, this camera is clearly priced above the amateur and recreational photographer’s price tag, and it also is loaded with advanced features that those without professional expertise in photography wouldn’t get any benefit out of purchasing. I was drawn to it because it is advertised as the smallest full-frame digital camera available, and it also is the first Rangefinder camera. It has other features like an 18mp sensor, a full 35mm format, a CCD censor, intensely durable body, infrared filters, and much more.

Using It

You certainly want to know what a professional thinks about the results of using this camera, and in my Leica M9 review, I can tell you that this is a price tag well worth paying. It is a huge step up from my previous camera with its cutting edge features, and it is far lighter and more compact, too. I have been using it for a few months now, and my regular clients have commented to me about the improvement in image quality. They are liking the results, and for me that provides stability in income!

Professional Uses

The large majority of those who buy the M9 Leica are professionals who need the most advanced features and superior image quality for their jobs. This camera offers features designed to ensure excellent image quality, including infrared light filters to eliminate light contamination, a full 35mm format with 18 megapixel sensor, and a customized CCD sensor. It also is elite in its class because it is the first camera to offer the Rangefinder technology, and is the smallest full-frame digital model in the world. Clearly, this camera does indeed offer some advantages that those who shoot for a living will want to put to use.

Personal Hobby

The M9 Leica is definitely designed for professional use in mind, but of course it is not sold exclusively to professionals. Those who are semi-pro, or even those who have an intense passion for the artistry of photography also purchase this camera. This is a model that offers the highest quality of images with manual features for greater creativity and flexibility with the results. Of course, those who purchase this camera do have some training and skills in photography, as this is a prerequisite if you want to fully take advantage of all that the camera has to offer.

What Other People Think

Clearly you do not want to buy a professional camera like this based on just my own Leica M9 review. There are dozens of other reviews posted online about this camera, and they all largely say the same things I have been saying. They talk about the impressive quality images from advanced features.

After reading my own Leica M9 review and others that have been posted online, you can see that this camera is definitely worth the money if you are a serious photographer like me. As you can imagine, this is not the kind of camera that you can run out and purchase from a local big box store. Instead, you will find that the easiest and most convenient way to buy the Leica M9 is through shopping online. You can place your order online and have it sent right to you without hassle. This camera truly has improved the quality of my work, and I highly recommend it for other professionals out there looking for amazing quality at a great value.