Lemming WordPress Theme

Here it is. The first WordPress theme released here is called Lemming, it has 3 columns, with two main colors: blue and white. It’s a simple theme, without too much graphics, so it should have a faster loading time. It’s widget and gravatar ready, with threaded comments. The theme is released under GPL license.


Update: the theme is no longer available. It wasn’t updated in a long time (5-6 years), so there are a lot of things missing in it.

3 thoughts on “Lemming WordPress Theme

  1. Looks good!
    I want to try it out, but will need things in Dutch. Is there any chance you will be offering localization soon (i.e. a .pot file)?

  2. Hi, I love your theme, usin’ it on my blog.
    Only problem I have is comments no showin’ on pages.
    I’ve checked the code, but can’t find out where to fix this.
    Can you help?

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