Logitech diNovo Mini Review

The Logitech diNOvo Mini is the answer to all your Media Center remote issues because it has a both a mouse and a QWERTY keyboard in an elegant package.

You can connect it to the PC via Bluetooth but it’s recommended to use the USB dongle that comes in the box. It is pre-paired with the remote so it will locate the remote itself automatically. If you want to customize additional shortcuts you will have to install the Logitech’s SetPoint software.

The Logitech diNovo Mini was tested at a distance of 7 yards and it worked perfectly without being pointed at the receiver.

The Logitech diNovo Mini is a great device that allows you to use your computer for a quick search or to change some settings without using the traditional mouse and keyboard. You like it if you are accustomed to any QWERTY phone.

As a downside, the mouse’s motion is very choppy and might test a little your patience. This maybe cause by the mouse pad’s double purpose: both as a digital direction buttons and a mouse pad and also because the pad surface is very small.

This device has no media center “guide” button but you can assign this function to any key combination you want.

This is a backlit remote, good for the eyes and it also protects your battery life.

In conclusion, Logitech diNovo Mini puts together in a splendid package a remote, a keyboard and a mouse. It’s better than any other Media Center Remote available on the market.

The price is very attractive: $150.