Best Digital Picture Frames For Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is just around the corner and one of the nicest gadget gifts you can make is a digital photo frame, full with pictures that she cherishes and likes to see. The three digital frames mentioned below are the best models available at and the criteria used was that it should cost less than $100, it should have an average rating of at least 4 stars and it shouldn’t be too small. The result was three digital frames, two of them of 10 inches and one at 8 inches. You can see them below.

The three best digital picture frames offer something for everyone. There is the ViewSonic model which offers a bigger bang for the buck, with a 10 inch size and the smallest price, but there are also two models from Sony, one with the best reviews but an 8 inch size and the other one with a size of 10 inches but a little bit more expensive. All three are solid choices and they should make your mother very happy, as long as you also upload some family photos on it.

Sony DPF-D810

sony-8-inchThe Sony DPF-D810 is a black 8 inch digital frame with a 4:3 ratio for the screen. It comes with a remote control, it has a number of settings for power on or off and to transfer the files you just plug in the memory card of your camera or a USB thumb drive. The price is $79.99.


Sony DPF-D1010

sony-10-inchSony DPF-D1010 is a 10.2 inch, black digital frame which offers a ratio of 16 to 10. It has its own remote control, you can set the time between displayed photos and you can create slideshows with your photos. It has good viewing angles and the screen is of good quality. The price is $99.99 right now.


Viewsonic VFD1027w-11

viewsonic-10-inchThe second 10.2 inch digital frame from our top 3 is the Viewsonic VFD1027w-11, which has a resolution of 1024×600 and an aspect ratio of 16 to 9. The frame offers a brightness level of 400cd/m2, 128MB of internal memory and a contrast ratio of 400 to 1. This 10 inch frame comes with its own remote as well and it costs $69.95.