Samsung DROID Charge Available At Verizon


samsung-droid-chargeThe Samsung DROID Charge was just released by Verizon and it’s the second smartphone of the carrier with 4G LTE capabilities (the first one being HTC Thunderbolt 4G). The Samsung DROID Charge comes with a Super AMOLED Plus touch screen of 4.3 inches, a processor at 1GHz, 512MB RAM and a microSD card of 32GB for storage purposes. The phone also has an 8MP camera which can record video at 720p quality. Reviews so far have shown speeds of up to 20Mbps for the Internet on this 4G LTE phone in New York, which is quite impressive. The price of the Samsung DROID Charge is $299.99, as long as you also get a contract for 2 years with it.

As for the quality of the phone, its Super AMOLED display is one of the sharpest, brightest and clearest screens that are available on smartphones today and they offer very deep blacks as well. You will love the stunning colors on this phone.

One thing I like about it is that it comes with hardware keys, located under the touch screen. Many of the smartphones that showed up lately came with touch sensitive controls, but I prefer the feel of a real button. It is worth noting that the phone comes with a 32GB microSD card included, which if bought separately would cost $60.

The OS on the phone is Android 2.2, which isn’t the latest version of this OS and it uses the TouchWiz UI on top. During tests, the sound quality of the phone was quite good and there were no dropped calls. One nice feature is the ability to make phone calls as you are browsing the Internet, the Samsung DROID Charge being the second model from Verizon which can do that, after the Thunderbolt.

The battery of the Samsung DROID Charge is a 1,600mAh model, which doesn’t last too long if you’re using the 4G network continuously. With heavy use in 4G, the battery should last for about 7-8 hours at most. To save a bit of battery you can use the 3G network to surf the Internet and the CDMA network to make phone calls. As long as you use 3G, you can use the phone for a full day before the battery runs out.

The price of the Samsung DROID Charge is a bit higher than that of the other 4G phone from Verizon, the Thunderbolt, but considering that it comes with a better battery life, the ability to switch from 4G to 3G, a better display and better sound for your phone calls, that difference is definitely worth paying. [Learn more]